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Aisino Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shanxi Food and Drug Administration

森林舞会游戏技巧 On July 25, 2017, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanxi Food and Drug Administration. Mr. Shi Yang, Aisino’s Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board, Mr. Ma Zhenzhou, Deptuty General Manager of Aisino, and Mr. Zhao Guangguo, Director General of Shanxi Food and Drug Administration attended the signing ceremony.  

Shi Yang delivers a speech

Zhao Guangguo delivers a speeck

Ma Zhenzhou chairs the meeting

Shi noted that Aisino will, in line with the actual situation in Shanxi Province, further consolidate the regulatory information resources, establish a unified data exchange and sharing platform, and construct the food and drug monitoring and warning data center of Shanxi Province, build the project into a livelihood project and a demonstration project and jointly contribute to the national food and drug information construction in accordance with the overall requirements of ensuring the safety of food and drug industries in Shanxi and promoting the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry in Shanxi。

Zhao Guangguo said that Shanxi Province will rely on Aisino’s advantageous resources and leading role in industrial development to innovate the cooperation mode and create a first-class information platform; accelerate the application of regulatory information system to address the contradiction between weak regulatory power and heavy regulatory mission; active co-ordinate the construction of big data center to promote the food and drug regulatory information construction in Shanxi Province to a new level.

Scene of the signing ceremony

The signing of the agreement is the result of the concerted efforts of both the government and the enterprise under the new situation of “Internet +” and a new opportunity to build the “smart regulation” of the food and drug industry. The two sides will work closely together in informational construction of Shanxi's food and drug regulatory system, the improvement of food and drug security assurance and risk prevention and control in Shanxi Province and other areas, so as to create value and inspires energy for promoting shift of the food and drug administration in Shanxi Province from traditional regulatory model to the “Internet + Food and Drug Safety” model.